WEDDING | Rachel + Jonny

Black tie sophistication meets beachside garden at this Spring wedding.

Last Spring, our team of 6 florists flowered up a storm with One Lovely Day to create a beachside wedding full of sophistication and joy!

When Rachel emailed us saying they wanted florals to be a main feature at their wedding, we were all over it. Rachel wanted to bring in tones of plum, dusky pink and green/grey foliage and for the floral installations to have a strong garden feel. We collected flowers and foliage from multiple sources around the North Island, building these around the ever in demand Quicksand rose.

It was a pleasure to design a different shape of archway for this wedding, stepping away from the classic angular shape we normally work with, using vine type foliage to create a more natural aesthetic.
Furniture – Flock | Lighting – La Lumiere

Our favourite feature was the bar though! 5.5 metres of foliage and floral spanning up to the ceiling, tumbling down on to the bar and to the floor. We filled this with arching vines, fluffy plum peonies and accents of pink and gold.

The tables displayed much of the same floral, but bringing in a little more white and daintier varieties, and lots of scented blooms.

Tableware – Royal Laboratorie

Photography | Frank and Peggy Photography