WEDDING | Jo + Callum

Jo and Ash got married at Ataahua in November last year. This was such an inspiring wedding to work on, not least of all because Jo gave us a very open brief which, as creatives, we absolutely love. It allows us to really use our imagination and do things completely differently.

In this instance, it started with Jo sending us a few pics and literally saying “do whatever you want” – a creative’s dream! One of the images was her maids’ dress swatch, which was a beautiful light peach colour with sequins. That really inspired me, and was the starting point for which textures we used throughout their florals.

We used branches, copper beech, gypsophila, pink anthurium, manuka, quicksand roses and white wildflowers, to create a simple, but beautifully textured look for all the florals. The texture didn’t just suit the bridal party’s dresses either, it perfectly complemented Jo’s stunning sequinned dress, too.

The other photo she sent us was from Pinterest, of a couple standing at an altar with branches and peach and white floral. I really loved the simplicity of it. So combining those two starting points, we decided to really pare back the floral look.

For the ceremony, we created a low floral piece on the fireplace, which was later transferred to the bridal table post ceremony. (If you’re getting married at Ataahua, this is a really simple way to ensure that your florals are appreciated throughout your day, not just while you say ‘I do’.)

But, by far, our favourite part of this wedding was the floral backdrop we created to be hung on the wall behind the bridal table. We used the dark tones of the copper beech and the branches to balance the pale peach tones and gypsophila (which echoed Jo’s dress). It didn’t just look incredible, it also beautifully framed the couple, making for gorgeous photos of them throughout the evening.

We also created simple table centerpieces, between shared plates of copper beech and manuka.

When we work with you, we really do believe in going the extra mile. We’ll consider when and where most of your photos are taken, to ensure the florals in those places perfectly complement you and your loved ones, further ensuring you end up with beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

I’d also like to thank Honeybee Wildflowers for helping us out created this beautiful wedding. Jo even texted me the night of her wedding at midnight to tell me how happy she was! We couldn’t ask for more than that!

All photos by Rambo Estrada