LEARN | Flower + Flour

We wrapped up our Winter Workshop Series last month, saving one of the best for last – a collaboration workshop between On My Hand and Danielle from Spongedrop (our favourite creator of sweet treats and all-round favourite person!)

This one sold out in no time, clearly the combination of cake and florals was too much for you all to resist. We spent the afternoon being taught buttercream icing techniques by Dani, along with her other hacks on how to make cakes look incredible. We learned how to create both semi-naked and fully iced cakes, then, having been shown the ropes, it was time to ice our own wee Spongedrop cakes. 

Once iced, it was time for Shaye to step up and show us all how to decorate our beautifully iced cakes with fresh spring florals. Using a range of sizes, colours and flowers, she talked us through placement, including how to create a balanced visual and select complementary colours.

This was such a lovely workshop to finish with (and clearly popular, we’ve already had so much interest for the next one). If you missed out, don’t worry. We’ll be bringing our Winter Workshop Series back next year and will no doubt do another Flour + Flower. Until then, make sure you follow us on Instagram ( @onmyhand) and sign up to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when we release our next lot of workshops.