INSIGHT | Lizzie from Tble Linen

Today I’m welcoming textile industry expert Lizzie Turner to the blog to talk through her linen range from one of her companies – Tble Linen. Whether you are planning an intimate Level 2 wedding or your bigger future celebration.

Image – Jordan Reid photography

What are some ways couples can add colour and personality to their day using your linen range?

Napkins and soft furnishings are one of the best ways to add colour! There’s so many different things you can do to create an original look suited to you and your partner. Something that stands out to me is to consider your florals when making a decision about which colour napkin to have, as they would be the elements that add to the palette of the day.

Do you want to go bold and contrast, or bright to heighten, or soft and subtle to calm? When feeling overwhelmed about what to choose, try and think about the overall “vibe” you want to portray on your day! Use that as your filter for making decisions. Better yet, hire a stylist and get their help to achieve the look you want with confidence!

With soft furnishings, the same applies. Now that so many amazing companies offer incredible lounge spaces, we wanted to provide cushions and throws to our inventory so you can tie in spaces together through texture or colour of the linen. These are really fun elements and bring a sense of luxury to your day and spaces. Creating layers is so important particularly for lounging spaces and soft furnishings can bring those finishing touches. At the moment we have nude, sand and sage in our soft furnishing inventory but are looking to expand into other colours for our season 20/21 couples.

Tble Linen’s soft furnishing thow + napkin in “nude”

Are you offering anything new to your range in the near future?

We do have something very exciting that we are working on for weddings and corporates that would suit a cocktail style event better than our linen napkins! I’m really excited and it will bring something personalized to your day too. We also have a few new style for our napkin range coming, a really soft peach, a blue stripe and a pastel yellow.

This isn’t new but we also have our KEEPSAKE service for couples wanting to own a set of linen napkins in the colour from their wedding. It’s a sentimental way to remember the styling at your wedding and couples have told us they bring them out on anniversary dinners!

What’s the one thing you are looking forward to when we are back into “normal” mode?

I know it might sound silly but honestly I’m so excited to be able to go back to my office!! I am someone that is really affected by my physical environment when it comes to work so it will be so great to be back in “my space” to work hard for our couples.
More than ANYTHING, I’m really excited to have that sense of freedom back, to see my friends and family face-to-face when I want to and enjoy a meal with them. What a dream!

There is so much inspiration to be found on Tble’s instagram.