WEDDING | Allie + Dave

When Allie and Dave got married at Ataahua and gave us a brief of “french elegant and feminine” we were thrilled. We created a palette of greys, greens, whites and blues, using roses, lagurus ovatus, hydrangeas, tweedia, olive, rosemary, flowering thyme, eucalyptus, tarragon. While we could say more, I think we’re better to just let Allie tell you what she thought in her own words.

“The ability to give someone full creative licence and know they will create something of absolute beauty is a gift. I didn’t have to worry at all about that side of things, I knew it was under control and it was so important to have On My Hand in the lead-up to, and on, the day.

The best part was your ability to take my jumbled ideas, call it a brief, go forward and deliver so much more than I could have imagined. Everything on the day was stunning but, in particular, the bouquet blew me away (as you could probably tell).

I wasn’t really able to verbalise on the day but that bouquet became so much more in that moment. It was a perfect nod to everything important – heritage, loved ones passed, the mountains and ocean where we spend so much time, the gardens I was surrounded by growing up, my profession with health and food, what and how I love – it was all there. That bouquet became an expression of self and it wasn’t until the day that I appreciated how lovely it was to have that with me as Dave and I embark on our next chapter. (If only we could hand bouquets over whenever someone asks us to tell them a little bit about ourselves, right?)

In all seriousness, you create things of absolute beauty and it is a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for being a part of our day! It is so rare to find people with your skill and insight who you can trust will just get that job done. Hopefully at some stage there will come an occasion where we are able to call on you again but, for now, just one massive heartfelt thank you.”

Photography – Justin Aitken

See our Instagram post of Allies bouquet here!