EVENT | Assemble

On the 4th of July we held our third Assemble event, this time on Grey Street in Tauranga.

Both booked and potential clients (with wedding dates ranging from 2020-2022) came to our event and were able to chat to one, or all of the vendors.

We collaborated with No Biggie Food, LL Hire, Tble Linen + Royal Laboratorie to create a space that was both inspiring and interactive, simplifying the wedding design process!

Photography | J. Photo & Co.

A big thank you to our amazing sponsors – Spongedrop, Sophie Store, Hello + Cookie, Beautiful Space, Trilogy, Seedlip, Mount Brewing Co, J.M.R Cocktails, Paper Plane, Mount Brows, George + Edi, Mane Project, Sans Ceuticals, Karen Murrell, Veto Zero Waste, Together Journal, Gorge. and Natures Lab.